Laren Design Warranty

Laren Design’s warranty for its product is limited to the terms set forth in this document. Laren Design’s warranty covers critical material defects and critical workmanship defects for the following periods. When the product is purchased from an authorized reseller, Laren Design offers a one (1) year warranty from the date of original purchase on its Bags category, whereas it offers six (6) months warranty on its Sleeves, Pouches, and Hard Shell categories (product categories are defined as on the website www.coteetciel.com). If a valid claim is received by Laren Design within the Warranty Period, at its option, Laren Design will exchange the Product with a functionally equivalent new product or refund you with the price paid for the Product. If Laren Design replaces your Product, the replacement becomes your property and the Product becomes Laren Design’s property. If you are given a refund, the Product becomes Laren Design’s property.

Limitations of Warranty

Laren Design’s warranty covers only the Product when it is purchased through an authorized reseller or the Laren Design eStore. For products bought on the Laren Design eStore, please contact us at store@coteetciel.com, for products purchased at an authorized reseller, please refer to them directly. The warranty applies only to a Laren Design Product even if it is sold or packaged with other non-Laren Design products. The warranty is limited to damages incurred by normal use of the Product and excludes damages caused by incident, misuse or abuse. The warranty does not apply to damages caused by normal wear and tear such as abrasions and the marks of normal wear and tear.

Warranty Disclaimer

The warranty and its limitations set forth in this document are exhaustive and cannot be substituted by any other warranty given by any Laren Design reseller, agent, distributor, or employee. 
This warranty does not preclude the application of the legal warranties in favor of consumers.

Warranty Extent

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Laren Design is not responsible for direct, special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty or condition, or under any other legal theory, including without limitation any costs of replacing personal property, or costs of recovering or reproducing any program or data stored in a device used with or carried in the Laren Design Product.